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for higher yields in the plant and animal life without antibiotics and chemistry Dear Mr./Mrs., Our desire is to offer you our products. Also we want to offer processing of your raw materials. Our processing of your raw materials turning up their biological potential and effectiveness of the technology will remain a secret because we do not want to show the same or a patentom.Tehnologija protect the ecological and harmless and do not useany of the chemical processes. Our company was founded 19th October 1998. We produce homogenized dietary supplements and cosmetic-medicinal concoctions. Since 2003 we are on the market with skin cream, and from 2008 with capsules for oral consummation. Also, prerequisites for further development and defining new products have been made. Besides production, in structure of MegaminMed, development is also very important, and it is based on implementing new scientific knowledge. Such innovative approach allows creation of products that are more efficient and which are different than classic products in dietary product and food supplement industry. Quality of products is in natural raw materials of high quality, supreme processing technology and high grade purity, all of which results in products of high bioavailability and efficiency. Therefore, using our products encourages natural defense of the organism to different harmful and pathogenic influences. For all these years we have conducted scientific research in several scientific institutions in Croatia regarding positive effects of our products on human organism. At request of Health ministry we have ordered toxicological study with Institute of medical research. Study has shown that our product is absolutely harmless and very useful for human organism because it binds to itself heavy metals and toxins that we take into our organism every day. Ministry of health has issued Decision for putting our product on the market on September 25th 2008. Since that moment we have been preparing for the market. At this moment our company has two products on the market. One product is Megacomplex (dietary supplement) and the other is cream Megamin 31. There are four other products ready for the market: prostamin, lypidomin, potentomin and sportmin. Following are our observations and possibilities for application of our products. They have been proven: ● As imunomodulators ● As strong antioxidants ● For regulating body acidity, especially blood ● As anti-inflammatory (almost at level of antibiotics, but also completely non-toxic) ● As regulators of iron in blood without oral intake of iron supplement, as well as decreased number of trombocites in blood (study is in the appendix), regulates triglycerides and cholesterol ● For removing lead, cadmium and mercury from organism ● To be harmless for human health (Institute for medical research) We have noticed that: ● They are excellent at rehabilitating neurodermitis, psoriasis ● They have anti-cancerogenic and have excellent results with carcinomas caused by hormones ● They rehabilitate consequences of autoimmune diseases (psoriasis, crone disease) ● Fern is not lingering in internal organs (kidneys, liver) ● They reduce PSA in prostate ● They remove positive ions and positively charged particles from the organism Therefore, as you can see, we have formulas for whole range of supplements which need to be registered for general welfare of the public. We offer cooperation that would be beneficial for both sides, and which would be regulated through contracts, and clause on confidentiality would be part of those contracts. We are ready to deliver certain substances and documentation which follows, so that you can try them, but naturally, under cover of registered dietary supplement. It depends on financial possibilities how we would register products to conform to legal requirements of EU. Our proposal is that you try our products and see for yourself their efficiency, and to try them on trombochitopenia, low levels of iron in blood, reducing triglycerides, psoriasis, removing lead, mercury and cadmium and especially with patients with reduces immune system. For the purpose of proof for harmless of our products we deliver you toxicology from Institute for medical research and labor medicine, the only Institute in Republic of Croatia which provides opinions, after which dietary supplements , medical supplements and drugs are approved. Here is some information about activated calcite as supplement nutrition for plants through foliage. Our product is activated calcite (chemical composition available on request). Activation is special procedure-basically; particles of calcite are less than 20 microns and have positive charge of about 260 miliwolts. Ph factor is always over 7. Concoction is sprayed on leaf with 3-5% solution. Because of miniature size of particles and charge penetrates between spores into the leaf of the plant. In the leaf it breaks down on Ca and CO2, and pH of the leaf is increased. Because of electrical charge, form CO2, and calcium process of photosynthesis is strengthened, and the growth of plant does not need as much sunlight. Plant does not have to take CO2 from air and drain its energy, while taken calcium with other microelements plant stores in leafs, roots and crop. It is important to mention once more, that concoction is not made chemically, these are minerals taken directly from nature, and that neither in production process, nor with application is there chemical or harmful pollution, and there is no waiting period. Therefore, same moments that plant is treated crops can be consumed. Because of change of pH value in fruit, root and leafs, pests are less likely to inveigh the plant. Plat increases immunity so that it is independently more resilient to disease and pests. Because of increased immunity, application of pesticides can be reduces by 50%, and fertilization reduced to 30% of usual annual amounts. Results have shown increase in yield by 30% in comparison to plants of same sort that grew in immediate vicinity, but were not treated. Crops are larger, healthier and have more dry matter, membranes are tougher and thicker and more resilient to decay, which increases storage period. Storage length can be longer but the quality of the fruit is better preserved. Plants can better withstand drought and need for water is reduced by 30%. Plants struck by storm and hale regenerate faster and sometimes whole crop can be saved if the storm occurred before bloom, because plants regenerate at incredible speed. It is extraordinarily applicable in fruit-growing and vegetable-growing because it increases yields, and the crops ripen sooner and they last longer. Salad up to 650 grams is matured in three weeks, olives give up to 70% more crops in comparison with untreated trees. It has also shown that olive has crops every year (normally every three years there is reduced crop year). The amount of unsaturated acids is increased and they give extra virgin quality. With grape vine crop is increased for about 30%, but also the amount of the sugar. It is also noticed that pumpkins, watermelons, tomatoes and paprika’s have bigger crops, up to 30%. At the moment we are developing electrolyte that is also harmless, and which destroys plant bacteria, viruses and fungus and it will be ready for market through this year. Besides calcite we also have product that improves soil with ideal pH, which collects heavy metals, pesticides and all poisons from the soil which are of opposite charge of the product. This improver of the soil is used every 5 years, and besides cleaning soil from harmful compounds it also crumbles soil and makes it possible to retain water and allows plant to use all bio-available nitrate compounds from the soil. Structure of crystal grid is such that it sucks in into its grid compounds like lead or mercury and releases calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc. There are studies about mechanism at Institute for medical research and Institute Ruđer Bošković in Zagreb. With these same technologies we produce dietary supplements for human consumption which help in detoxication of the body, deacidifying blood and generally immunity strengthening. Some of these products are already registered at Ministry of health. Sincerely, Željko Marić Dubrovnik Croatia Email: ***
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