inquiry to Deutschland Distributing Ltd.

We want to buy some products from your company, product name, model no. and specification as below: Eric not sure if Jason Kuo is related or partners with you but the grill I received is labeled from your company. Below is some feedback Jason and I have been sharing. Could you please reach out to me in this matter. Thanks I have communicated with you from the moment the grill came and positive feedback regarding the grill itself and the mesh insert numerous times I never insulted your supplier just had the issue with the flat plate. I even offer to pay $20.00 I assumed you were in the US as this would cost maybe $5.00 to ship and even if I paid $25.00 this would be half if you had to pay. In my previous emails I stated that we had to tried to glue the solid plate as it would not sit flush , I also mentioned several times that the mesh insert fit perfectly! They both get installed the same way. The glue did not effect the grill as I never mentioned that, nor did I say glue was on the front of the flat plate. When the flat insert did not sit properly when trying to remove the chrome star some of the clips broke. We put the mesh plate onto the grill and was a perfect fit and had to use some glue on the back of the chrome star to assure it would not come off. This is why I was requesting a new mesh plate and chrome star. No one threatened you Jason, just stating if this could not be resolved this would be our only steps. Don't get me wrong the grill it self is excellent quality, if we can meet half way I would pay as a courtesy $25.00 for you send another mesh plate and chrome star? Trust me I never wanted to come to this. Maybe when you make it back to the US and if your ever in FL or I travel out to California we can go out for coffee and shake hands and put this all behind us. Either way I wish you all the best health and success. Respectfully, Brent Kawiuk On Aug 19, 2011, at 1:50 AM, Jason K <***> wrote: the flat plate is NOT defected, you need a new installer. every time i install the plate, there will be one side of the clips that does not go down easy, you have to press it hard with your thumb to get it clip in. what i see here, your installer did not even try to push it down with some force. since the flat piece does not have any broken clips, you might want to try it yourself. i just read your first email again, i thought the clips on the star is broken. its not. so you put the flat piece on, it does not fit so your installer decided to put the star on too even tho the black piece does not fit? also it was glued on? so the first piece does not fit and you still install the star and then even glued them. and when you try to remove the star from the flat plate, the star clips broke? you should have email me when the flat piece does not fit, before you glue it and try to sand it you are asking me to pay for the parts you say its defected ( maye it is maybe its not) and you glue it and even try to sand it. the guy who install the grill for you, you should ask him to pay for it, he broke the parts and made a mess with the glue this is is NOT the seller or the manufacturer's responsiblity if you had email us when you found out the flat piece is not working, we could have send you another, if both flat piece does not work, then you will know you need a new installer you can't try what ever you want, and when it does not work, its all seller's fault and we have to pay for everything you messed up. if your installer got the glue all over the grill too, do i have to send you another grill? if he got glues all over your cars too, do i have to buy you a new car? or pay for new paint? i could send you another flat plate so you can see if its defected or not, but thats before your install mess up the other parts oh and i am tired of you threatening me with report to ebay paypal bbb and credit card company, you must be an ebayer for years. On Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 7:09 PM, Brent G. Kawiuk <***> wrote: Jason, Not sure if your ever going to make it back to the US, you're accusing me that it was not installed correctly, I have the flat plate and will send pictures to show no clips were broken and that we even tried to glue it to the grill but it still would not sit flat. (you will see the glue residue on the back of the flat plate to show it was attempted to be glue on but it still would not sit FLUSH against the grill) If you say we broke the clips then why wouldn't it sit flush when even trying to glue it on? It's DEFECTIVE and not sitting flush! If not resolved by Friday via email I'll be contacting Paypal, visa and the BBB. I will also contact and eBay. If your at the factory and have a good relationship with them, they should easily replace it! I'm not asking for a new grill and not even asking for another flat plate as the one I had did not work. The ball is in your court Jason and after today i'm washing my hands of emailing you and will be requesting a FULL REFUND. through the above agencies. Best regards, Brent G. Kawiuk *** 847-722-5229 On Aug 18, 2011, at 2:09 AM, Jason K <***> wrote: HI Brent I know you dont want to hear this, but the chance the plate is defected is very slim, they all came out the same molding. I am guessing one side of the clip was not pushed down, you do need to use some force to push down the last clip. once its clipped on, its hard to remove the plate from the grill without breaking it. you should have taken some photo and show us the defected plate on the grill. we make no more than 10 bucks on this transaction and now you are asking us to send the star and the plate, which cost at least 55 dollars with shipping. I am not sure how is the grill now but are you able to send us some photo of the grill with the plate on? and the broken star? I will forward to the manufacturer and see if they can cover it I am sorry this end up like this but even if the plate is defected, the star should not be broken or even installed. Thanks Jason
Used Clothing
Dear Sir/Madam, We confirm our williness to build and establish a long lasting business relationship with your company a steady importation tropical summer mix used clothings in both gaints and small bales. We are also interested to import used shoes and bags. Kindly send us your price list for our kind studies as we promise to revert back with our confirm order. Looking forward to read favourably from you soon. Best regards, Aliou Bolale Ste Aliou Bolale & Fils Sarl 01 bp 7964 Cotonou ... 2009-05-12 06:04:17
Business Cooperation in Myanmar
Dear Sir, We are a Trading and Engineering company dealing with various kind of products and services in Myanmar. One of our scope of business is to supply electrical power equipments and construction services namely Sub Stations and Transmission Lines. As you may know, Myanmar is expending its electricity production capacity extensively. Currently our country needs to expend its distribution network. In this regards, we have a lot of opportunities on supplying electrical equipments such as switch gear... 2009-05-12 06:01:29
send us inquiry
Attn: Purchasing Department Dear Sir/Madam, We are pleased to introduce M/S: IQBAL-TEX INTERNATIONAL and wish to create a Good business relationship In the future. We are offering you from the biggest industrial city of textiles Pakistan. This is especially true in regards to the textiles field. We are doing business as a manufacturers and exporter of all kinds of textiles, Grey, Bleached, dyed, printed, fabrics of Polly cotton, 100% cotton, 100%cotton satin, percale, twill, drill, Herringbone. In ... 2009-05-12 05:13:38
manufacturing chemical application supplier interest... 2009-05-12 05:06:11
Silk Shawls
Please contact Dr. Roland Rubin Rubinvet Pty Ltd, Australia regarding your silk shawls. ***... 2009-05-12 04:41:42
Baby corn
Hello We are producing baby corns . Do you purchase baby corn... 2009-05-12 04:26:37
optical glasses and coating materials
we are interested for subjected materials; send detail informaiton on these products. We also have below requirements: Optical glass in rod form ------------------------- Diameter 32.0mm Length 1.0meter Glass types LF-5 and F-2 (require in both type) Quantity about 5 ~ 10 nos. each type Please quote for 5 nos. and 10 nos. each glass type same dimensions... 2009-05-12 04:23:56
Inquire Benzoic Acid
Hello I'm looking for Benzoic Acid technical grade - CFR Lagos Nigeria - 2 containers FCL - the terms of payment : L/C sight from London Could you send me the quotation please? Best regards Isabelle Diep MCS International Limited 39 Hatton Garden LONDON EC1N 8EH... 2009-05-12 03:35:29
Double payment of purchase
Hi I have already written about this subject but have had no response. I recently bought some teeth whitenen called hollywood smile from yourselves and you took payment twice so I paid 2 lots of 37.99 instead of 1 and only received 1 lot of the products I ordered. I only want the product that I already have and would like a refund on the other 37.99 that you took in error. I hope that this can now be resolved as soon as possible, I will try to contact by phone but am unable to find a number and I paid by... 2009-05-12 03:15:14
Agarwal Marble & Art Stone
Manufacturer of Granite/ Marble/ Slate/ Sandstone/ Limestone Blocks-Slabs-Tiles . Flag Stones Medallions, Rosonies, Murals. Table tops & Vanity tops. Borders, Mosaics , handmade Borders. Inlay : Borders, Tables, Floorings. Garden Furniture, Lampshades, Flower Pots, Telephone Stands, Artifacts. Cobbles & Pebbles.... 2009-05-12 03:15:13
new collaboration
Hi Sir, We are an Italian Company with center in Campania and particular in Solofra - Avellino. Based on demands for market of our customers in Italy and all' foreign country We are interested to the commerce of tyre, from not long we have begun the commercialization of the tires for car and truck. After an taken care of market survey on the distributors or wholesalers of the field, We have come to acquaintance of Its Company. I would be Happy of an eventual answer with respect to this mail ... 2009-05-12 02:27:08
Boiler fields
Dear Sir, We are looking for spares for burner/boiler/steam fields such as gauge glass & rubber cones, side glass, boiler feed pumps, non return/safety/steam/pressure regulating/thermal fluid valves, heating element 7.5 & 9KW & thermostats etc... Can you supply?? Please advice Looking forward to hera from you, Best regards, Christoffe Bax... 2009-05-12 02:14:07

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