FCA CONSULTANTS CO International Commercial Division *** Dear Sirs: Commercial Strategic solutions (CSS), to concern of ARGENTINA the following products: * Sunflower (Confectionary) Variety Morgan and ARW 16/64, 20/64 and 22/64. Kernel Standard, Grade I, Premium. * Popcorn expansion 38/40, 40/42 and 42/44. * Flaxseed (99%). * Dehydrated Fruits: Apple, Pear, Plum, Apricot, Peach and Strawberry. * NEW…Dried mixed fruit dices: apple, pear, prune, peach and apricot. Mainly cubes ¼’ or 3/8’. Varieties: apple mainly granny smith and red delicious, pears williams prunes d'agen and imperial. observations: this mix may be prepared with 4 or 5 select fruit. * Dehydrated Fruits (Red and Tropical): Pineapple, Blueberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Red and Black Currant, Kiwi, Mango and Mora. * Juice Concentrate: Apple and Pear. 70º Brix. * Yerba Mate (from Misiones, Province of Argentine Republic) variety “Canchada”, “Molida” (Fine without “palo) and “Soluble”. It´s very important to let you know that we can provide Yerba Mate without mark (to allow the client to place the own one) we also can to package with mark and to put special design you would need. To make special millings fit with your specification sheet, packaged and in bulk. * Teas, digestive tisanas in “little sacs”. All our product have these Certifications: AIB International. GMO Free, KOSHER Orthodox Union, ARGENCERT Organic Production, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), USDA, HALAL. We invite you to see all our products in ***, by mail: ***.ar; and we attend your answers and all you need about Argentine products for export. If you need quotation please let us know. PRODUCT (Specification Sheet if is necessary) variety as example Apple (Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Gala, Fuji) Pear (Williams) cut, Dices, Rings, Grinds, piepieces, chops, Powder, SO2 maximum, if you need Conventional or Organic Fruit, very important Destiny Port, all certifications asked for and ID number of importer. Yours faithfully Félix Aracri Silvani Commercial Manager Arribenos 2490 - 2° piso OF “A” - Ciudad de Buenos Aires - Argentina Tel (5411) 47862946 – SKYPE fas-felixaracrisilvani – email ***.ar
Easy Farming
Laser Receiver,Control pannel/Box for automatic hydrolic control,Cables,Scraper Qty:6 Contact: Syed Mansoor Fasih Helpline Group 744-E Johar Town Lahore Cell:+92*** Ph:+92 42 35172955... 2010-10-12 06:44:03
Medical Rubber Products Sdn. Bhd.
WE PLACED YOU AN ORDER AND WE'RE HAVING SERIOUS PROBLEMS WITH CUSTOMS CLEARANCE - MISSING INVOICE FOR OUR PURCHASE ORDER C5 PO 62040 We got a package from fedex under tracking no. 8***3 but no commercial invoice is attached and we need it for customs clearance purpose, would you be so kind to email it to me ASAP, thanks I've sent this mail to this adddress ***.MY like 4 times and so far nobody has replied to it. WOULD YOU BE SO KIND TO TELL ME WHO CAN HELP ME WITH T... 2010-10-12 06:42:55
Golden Bridge Ent. INC.
Ref. Crude Iodine 99.5% from Turkmenistan. We intend to purchase crude iodine 99.5% 10 tons every month. We have some questions to packing, chemical and price. 1. In what types of containers do you ship the iodine (fibre drums, supersacks)? 2. What is amount of iodine in each package (50 kg)? 3. What is the material of construction of the liners or inner bags in the containers and how thick are these inner bags? ... 2010-10-12 06:38:26
C-Way Corporation Co.
Dear Sir/Madam, I am looking for a manufacturer than can provide 100% cotton yarn Ne 40/1. could you provide me with a some information such as price and time of production. The quantity I need is around 20 Ton. Best Regards, Mersad... 2010-10-12 06:34:03
Clear Wireless L. L. C.
Is there any retailer program for clear internet services.... 2010-10-12 06:18:03
Sci - Tech Co.
My company was given your contact information from the Sieper family in Germany. The Schildmeyer company is interested in your bathroom mirror cabinets. Please contact me per Email or Mr Sieper to confirm. I would also like a catalogue or broschure. kind regards... 2010-10-12 06:10:00
Niru Jewels Pvt. Ltd.
HI I M JATIN SAVANI... 2010-10-12 05:08:56
Jiangsu Black Leopard Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Dear Sir, This is Shorena Khaindrava, Import-Export Manager of GCT Holding. We operate in Tbilisi, Georgia. Our Company's main business direction is establishing import-export relations and looking for contacts with any serious manufacturers that are interested in promotion of their products in our region. “GCT Holding” operates five affiliated companies: “GCT Agrotechnics”, “GCT Lifts & Elevators”, “GCT Electric”, “GCT Company” and “GCT Cargo”. Having studied your products by your website, some o... 2010-10-12 04:58:06
Blue Mill Export Management / Canada
Hallo Tony, Hoe gaat het met jou en Mariska en de kinderen. Ik had al een poos naar jullie gezocht op diverse plekken en heb zelfs een Hillebrandt gebeld in Montreal, maar dat was niet de goede Hillebrandt. Volgens mij heb ik je nu wel gevonden. Laat eens iets van je horen, we zijn heel benieuwd! Met ons is alles goed. De boerderij is verkocht en we wonen nu in Sauwerd. Ik werk nog 3 dagen in de week en Henry is met de VUT. Sander en Christina zitten op het HBO en Peter zit in HAVO 5. Hartelijke ... 2010-10-12 04:37:39
Amfag Spa
Dear M. Corrado, I am very interested in your products, including flow controllers (faucet and shower). I work with another specialist in order to sell products to save water in some French shops (we have over 1,000 stores now). Can you send me your catalog and price list? Also what is Minimm order quantity? I would buy at least 1,000 pieces for reference. Sincerely Jerome Berny JB FraChi Gérant +33 (0)6 81 28 36 78... 2010-10-12 04:31:16
Hyper Holidays Co., Ltd.
Melviet Co.Ltd - Vietnam: We are interested in promoting travel to Thailand. Please send us your land tours. Thank you.... 2010-10-12 04:07:37
Al-hatimi Enterprises
dear sir , please send your prises of all type of lubricant oil and greases.we are wholesaler in rajasthan... 2010-10-12 04:07:33

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