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304 N Meridian, Ste 9 OKC, OK 73107 Phone 405-604-4872 Ext #237 Fax 405-604-4877 To whom it may concern, I am with an Asset Recovery company who buys & sells used, and off lease, surplus PC’s, Lap Tops, etc., from Corporations and Universities all over the country.. As such, we are currently looking for more buyers of our product… Please see our current inventory list below… If you should have any interest, or have any interest in selling equipment you might have, please call or email… You are welcome to check out our web site for more info... www.… Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.. Robert Lyons, Purchasing & Sales HiTech Assets, Inc AIM: HTAssetsRL The following Notebooks & PC Systems are in stock. All equipment power on tested. Guaranteed complete as represented. 30 day power on warranty. Laptops are Complete with A/C Adapters. No warranty on batteries. No operating system loaded. Laptop Qty 35 Gateway M275 Tablet PM 1.7GHz/512/40/Combo/ w/ digital stylus $335 ea Qty 33 Gateway M275 Tablet PM 1.5GHz/512/40/Combo/ w/ digital stylus $315 ea Qty 25 Dell Latitude C640 P4 1.8Ghz/256/20/CD/14” $225.00 Qty 7 Dell Latitude C640 P4 1.8Ghz/256/20/Combo/14” $240.00 Qty 21 Dell Latitude C640 P4 2.0GHz/256/20/Combo/14” $250.00 Qty 13 Dell Latitude C600 P3 1.0GHz/128/10/CDRW/14" $195.00 Qty 41 Dell Latitude C610 P3 1.0GHz/256/20/CDRW/14" $210.00 Qty 12 Dell Latitude D600 PM 1.5GHz/512/40/CD/Wifi/XP/14" $240.00 Qty 16 Dell Latitude D600 PM 1.6GHz/512/40/CD/Wifi/XP/14" $250.00 Qty 9 Dell Latitude D610 PM 2.0Ghz/512/40/COMBO/Wifi $335.00 Qty 3 Dell Latitude D610 PM 2.13Ghz/512/40/COMBO/Wifi $345.00 Qty 20 Dell Latitude D610 PM 1.6Ghz/512/30/Combo /14" $315.00 Qty 20 Dell Latitude D610 PM 1.7Ghz/512/30/Combo /14" $325.00 Qty 2 Dell Latitude D400 PM 1.6Ghz/256/20/Wifi/XP/12” $235.00 Qty 8 Dell Latitude X300 PM 1.4GHz/640/40/Combo/12" $290.00 Qty 7 1871-4AU IBM T43 PM 1.86Ghz/512/40/Combo/14"/XP/WiFi $415.00 Qty 100 IBM 1871 Y1H T43 PM 1.86GHz/512/40/Combo/14"/Wifi $415.00 Qty 80 IBM 2366-83U T30 P4 1.8GHz/256/40/DVD/14" $235.00 Qty 5 IBM 2366-88U T30 P4 2.0Ghz/256/30/DVD/14” $245.00 Qty 14 IBM 2684-H6U R40E Celeron 2.0GHz/256/20/15"/CD $200.00 Qty 3 IBM 2373-4TU T42 PM 1.7GHz/512/40/14"/Combo /XP $330.00 Qty 5 IBM 2373-6ZU T42 PM 1.7GHz/512/40/14"/Combo /XP $330.00 Qty 77 IBM 2373-7CU T40 PM 1.5GHz/512/40/Combo/14" $260.00 Qty 7 IBM 2373-72U T40 PM 1.5GHz/512/40/Combo/14" $260.00 Qty 24 IBM R40 2723-KU2 PM 1.4Ghz/256/20/CD/15” $235.00 Qty 14 IBM R40 2723-27U PM 1.3GHz/512/20/DVD/14" $220.00 Qty 20 IBM T23 2647-4MU Laptop P3 1.13Ghz/256/30/DVD/14" $210.00 Qty 4 IBM T23 ThinkPad Laptop P3 1.13Ghz/256/20/CD/14” $210.00 Qty 4 IBM A22m 2628-DU1 Laptop P3 1.0Ghz/256/30/CDRW/14" $180.00 Qty 10 Compaq EVO N620C PM 1.4Ghz/512/40/DVD/14" $215.00 Qty 3 Compaq EVO N610C P4 2.0Ghz/256/30/CD/14” $240.00 Qty 5 Compaq Armada M700 P3 1.0Ghz/256/20/CD/14” $190.00 Qty 5 Compaq EVO N600C P3 1066/256/20/DVD/14” $185.00 Qty 5 Toshiba Portege 7020CT P2/366/128/6/13” $75.00 Qty 59 Toshiba Tecra M2 PM 1.6GHz/512/30/Combo/14" $255.00 Qty 61 Toshiba Tecra 9100 P4 1.7GHz/256/20/DVD/14" $220.00 Qty 22 Toshiba Tecra 9100 P4 1.8GHz/256/20/DVD/14" $230.00 Qty 95 Toshiba Tecra M3 PM 1.73GHz/512/40/Combo/14" $265.00 Qty 70 Toshiba Tecra M3 PM 1.60GHz/512/40/Combo/14" $255.00 PC Systems Qty 25 HP/Compaq D530C Towers P4 2.6GHz/512/40/CD $81.00 Qty 50 HP/Compaq D220 Tower P4 2.4GHz/256/20/CD $74.00 Qty 30 HP/Compaq D5M Towers P4 1.7GHz/256/20/CD/FD $53.00 Qty 229 HP/Compaq D530S SFF P4 2.8GHz/512/40/CD/FD/XP $86.00 Qty 10 HP/Compaq D530S SFF P4 2.4GHz/512/40/CD/FD/XP $74.00 Qty 79 HP Compaq DC5000S SFF P4 2.8GHz/512/40/CD/FD $86.00 Qty 38 Dell GX270 Desktops P4 2.4Ghz/512/40/DVD/XPP $84.00 Qty 36 Dell GX270 Desktops P4 2.4Ghz/256/40/CDRW/XPP $84.00 Qty 55 Dell GX260 Desktops P4 2.4Ghz/256/20/DVD/XPP $84.00 Qty 129 Dell GX260 Desktops P4 2.4Ghz/512/20/CD/XPP $84.00 Qty 188 Dell GX260 Desktops P4 2.4Ghz/512/20/DVD/XPP $84.00 Qty 28 Dell GX260 Towers P4 2.0Ghz/256/20/CD/2K $70.00 Qty 11 IBM NetVista Desktop 6792-SN1 P4 1.6Ghz/128/40//CD/FD $44.00 Qty 36 IBM NetVista Desktop 6792-NNU P4 1.8Ghz/256/40/CD/FD $50.00 Qty 84 IBM NetVista Desktop 6792-22U P4 1.8/256/40/CD $50.00 Qty 79 IBM NetVista Desktop 6792-25U P4 1.8/256/43/CD/FD $50.00 Qty 7 IBM Netvista 8305-28U 2.4GHz/256/40/Combo/FD $67.00 Qty 62 IBM 6794-37U PC P4 1.8Ghz/512/40/CD/FD $50.00 Qty 28 IBM 8307-41U PC P4 2.4Ghz/256/40/CD/FD/XP $67.00 Qty 13 8307-81U IBM PC P4 2.66Ghz/256/40/CD/FD/XP $74.00 Qty 42 8305-W1X IBM Netvista P4 2.4Ghz/256/40/CD $67.00 HiTech Assets BUYS & SELLS, PC's, laptops, mainframes, servers, printers, terminals, routers, switches, tape drives, monitors, phone systems, cell phones, software, mail systems, check sorters, etc. We perform data removal procedures starting at level one with the potential to do military wipes / D.O.D wipes to erase your computer hard drives and disks. Our data removal procedures are compatible with all operating systems and hardware types. Our team has a thirteen-year presence in the global secondary IT market, which has given us the experience, skills and resources to ensure that your organization gets the most value out of your excess equipment as well as the most comprehensive set of services available from any asset recovery specialists in the United States today. We are a full service company offering complete asset solutions. More information on our company and what we can do for you is available at www . ***
JSV 250 xt
Are we able to get parts for this unit. We need the valve on the bottom of the fuel tank as well as some brake cables. Soleniod under the seat, and fender materials if available. Look forward to your response... 2013-03-13 17:10:15
dehumidifeir micro motor
Please can you help me i have one of your mini motor boxes fitted to a dehumidifeir its SP Ac230v 1.2/1.5 rpm CW cn you tell me ware i can get a new one either in uk or Europe pleas help me regards Karen... 2013-03-13 09:33:38
Purchase 40000kgs Poly/Cotton Yarn
Dear Mr Habib , We are a Spanish company dedicated to manufacturing of clothes in yarn we are now looking for new partners in business to fight the world crisis as time are hard .. Please kindly send us your best offer for the following : Product : Polyester 50% /Cotton 50% Yarn Combed Size Twist : 22/1 Colour : RAW Cone Weight : 2kgs approx Special spec´s : NO CONTANIMATION IN YARN Inicial order : 10000KGS Packed in carton box Anum order Approx : 40000kgs Samples : We need 5 co... 2013-03-13 08:49:36
100% polyester fabric
LLC "SIA "UBC - PROMO" (Ubc Group) is the manufacturer of promo items (umbrellas, tents) from 100% polyester fabric with twisted and textured yarns. We want to receive you price offer for such fabric and also the samples.... 2013-03-13 04:55:13
inquiry your products
please contact me an soon an possible,thank you... 2013-03-13 02:45:55
inquiry your products
hello,this is sales manager of an company,located in ningbo ,zhejiang province in china,I have your products information from the internet,I think we would have comportion if possible... 2013-03-13 02:41:58
tin cans for paint
1 quart, and 1 gallon.... 2013-03-12 23:46:04
Dear Sir / Madam, This is Joan Kwok of Ocean Surplus Chemicals Int'l Ltd. We are a trading company of plastic scrap. our customer mainly based in Mainland China. We found your company in Google search and know that your company is the supplier of nylon. We would llike to know about PA66 and PA6 if we can have small amount of sample, this is for us to check if your product is suitable or not. If you can, please send us little sample by mail. Thanks for your help in advance. Regards Joan Ocean Surplu... 2013-03-12 20:34:03
Scott Brodie
Please provide information on your products for import to Scottsdale ARIZONA. Wood And Laminate Containers... 2013-03-12 19:37:29
inquiry on your maltodextrin
Dear Sir or Madam, Hello, and nice meeting you. We are looking for a supplier of maltodextrin, and heard your name. Could you inform about your prices for each DE grades, when buying at inside of China, and when at some ASEAN nations such as philippine, vietnam, indonesia, malaysia, and thailand.(along with the cheapest port destination) Best regard, Yuki Horiuchi... 2013-03-12 17:49:30
Hi, I need battery BF1210AA - BF1212AA - BF1214AA whats the difference? how much 100pcs? best regards... 2013-03-12 16:55:29
Hi, I need battery BF1210AA - BF1212AA - BF1214AA whats the difference? how much 100pcs? best regards... 2013-03-12 16:54:06

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