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Dear Sir, This is Sung il Kim from Buenavista. Fucoidan is a great ingredient to be in harmony with various others ones. Hope you keep watching on its potential possibilities. Fucoidan We, Buenavista is providing overseas and domestic customers with raw Fucoidan materials as well as processed Fucoidan products. Our product is extracted from sporiferous brown seaweed planted in clean southern sea in Korea. The price we are proposing to our customers is as follows. - 85%Min. purity Fucoidan - Minimum order quantity 10 Kg - USD 500 /Kg [FOB] - Republic of Korea - Delivery term is within 30 days after order. The price may be negotiated further with order quantity increased. We are looking forward to your interested in this offer. We, Buenavista is ready to provide any type of products including raw Fucoidan with the quality level as specified. Please let us know what you want us. We are very happy to announce that beauty soap, shampoo and rinse products with Fucoidan are at the manufacturing stage. Please send us email if you need any further detail. Please visit our web site for more detail.(***.kr) Tirzah Soap [Fucoidan Soap] 100% pure natural and eco-friendly cosmetic soap. Fine particles and abundant foam Currently it is widely consumed consumed from newborn infunt to adult in Korea. we provide our soap into the market, we surveyed well known foreign natural beauty soaps. We have examined its ingredients, content, size and retail price including marketing points, we started selling according to our belief that we can make most excellent product by which we could win in competition with any other beauty soaps. So we have received very satisfactory evaluation from on going customers, and obtained very high praise from especially women of all ages and women with pregnancy who have kids. This can remove make-up. This was made for having cleansing function. Our soap does not remain on the skin after cleansing. It is the most proper way to cleanse with lukewarm water but even though used with cold water there remains nothing on the skin and washed away clearly. When there is tingling (pricking) after used with our soap, it means there is some minor damage in your skin. It is tingling because antivirus elements of Hukoidan works on damaged skin. But damaged part of your skin will be recovered and healed clearly. Our soap keeps mild acidity but it does not irritates your skin. Main ingredients of Tirzah are, Fucoidan (85% minimum) 1,000 mg, Rhodiola Extract 1,000 ml, 16 kinds of other oriental medicines, Etc. Effective to Tirzah is a cosmetic soap that was planned, commercialized, based on the various effects of its components of Fucoidan, Rhodiola Extract, Oriental Herb Extract, etc. Whiter skin This is one of the most representative two functions among many functions of it and it was developed with the main function of whiter skin and moisturizing. It is difficult to explain the detailed mechanism regarding the functions that the soap has. But raw materials that were used in the soap give reliance on those functions. The basic materials that were composed of the soap have vegetable properties. These materials have been treated very highly and related with skin care in human society for a long time and essentials in the treatment of troubled skin in Oriental medicine. In particular, the functionality of whiter skin that Rhodiola Extract and Fucoidan have has been widely used, yet recognized as material of many cosmetics. Smoother skin A haggard skin results from harmful stimuli to skins. Those stimuli are frequent hand washing and the overuse of soap and detergents. Especially in case of excessive use of shampoo and conditioner or detergents or soaps that contain surfactants, skins become severely haggard. But our product doesnít give harmful stimuli to skins. This soap has the most basic role in maintaining smooth skin. Youthful looking skin Skins that look young have bright color and are taut. Generally dark skins come from the physical health. In case of thereís some problems in health, skins become dark and not taut. But the functionality of whiter skin that our product has keeps the skin being bright color. Helps replace dead cells Our cells die every day and are newly recreated. This is the process of cellsí apoptosis. The dead cells at that time make up an external horny layer of skins, which protect skin buy if the horny layers were getting thicker, the skins would be haggard. However, if you artificially removed the horny layer, the skins would grow haggard. Our product is supposed to perform the removal of the horny layers in terms of protection of skins. This is the core technology that the soap has. Enable tissue and organ regeneration It is a very dangerous logic that soaps help to regenerate skins. But the cleanness of skin environment that our soap has is very excellent. It abundantly forms soft and delicate bubbles with a small amount of it, which have the remarkable detergency. Besides it doesnít aggravate the wound even though it is smeared with the wound on the surface of skins. This results from the antibiotic process that the soap has, especially it shows excellent recovering regeneration for the troubles of skins by acnes or allergies of cosmetics. Anti-fungal The anti-fungal of this soap comes from the functionality of Fucoidan. Fucoidan that is used in our soap has strong -2 negative ion with SO4. These components execute the remarkable function of anti-fungal. Stings when use This is the uniqueness of our soap. Sometimes those who use it for the first time misconceive this as side effects of the soap, which is actually because of antibiotic process. The skin pores are covered with foreign substances. Thatís the feeling when your skins are cleaned. But you canít feel it in 2~3 days. Thatís the proof that your skin rapidly becomes to be stabilized. Odorless Our soap isnít odorless. It has its own scent of materials that were used. Particularly, compared to other materials, this material that was designed to emit a strong scent is the extract of the leaves of ginkgoes. This scent is the typical one that our soaps have. Non-irritating Thereís no specific stimulus that the soap gives. The first stink is all about it. Especially these are commonly used for bathing of newborn babies by women in childbed in Korea. In spite of these mentioned above, our product is very popular. It directly explains that thereís no stimulus. Anti-allergic Allergy that appears on skins mainly comes from the trouble by use of cosmetics and detergents. But our soap is distinguished in dealing with these troubles. - Notes Main function of Fucoidan and Rhodiola Extract is Anti-fungal/Anti-bacteria. That is due to anti-fungal action against bodily waste in your skin pores. That is why it stings your face. It is the natural reaction when people may have at the begining of use. You don't have be worried. We already have developed anti-alopecia shampoo and skin care products for whitening/moisture effects and skin wrinkle removing purpose those used with same natural resources as soap. The reason marketing of those are delayed is that it needs huge amount of invest money and due to world economic depression and stagnation of domestic comsumer economy in Korea. - Price The price of 100 gram soap, - FOB USD 3.7 with minimum order quantity 100,000 ea Consumer price in Korea \15,000 won Product Name - Natural F Plus CONCEPT Prevention of influenza and other virus, improvement of immune system, antioxidant effect, settlement of stress Slogan of product antivirus and improvement of immune system Actual description ▶required for normal immune function ▶required for normal cell division ▶Natural F Plus is the product containing fucoidan with Vitamin B1, Vitamin D3, Zinc oxide as main ingredients Recommended target Child and Seniors over 65 ages, examinee, patients with low immunity and employees who contact lots of people, ordinary people Composition Fucoidan- antivirus, improvement of immune system, antioxidant effects Zinc oxide- antivirus, promotion of nucleic acid and amino acid metabolism Vitamin B1- antivirus Vitamin D3- antivirus, improvement of immune system, calcium absorption Features of products Fucoidan is a complex with a polyssacharide structure having a sulfuric acid found usually in brown algae such as brown seaweed, sea tangle, rhubarb etc. and a water-soluble dietary fiber as it has a low viscosity and good solubility as well as a new natural material containing L-fucose combining the sulfuric acid with ester, galactose, xylose, glucose, mannose, glucuronic acid etc. as main ingredients. The reason that fucoidan attracts the people, is its antivirus action by adhering to various virus such as hepes virus and AIDS virus etc. to constraint the duplication and especially good effectiveness for influenza virus A(H1N1). And it is found that there are various physiological functions such as adjustment of immune system, anti blood coagulation effect that prevents the blood vessel diseases such as strokes by preventing the blood coagulation within the blood vessel, anti-inflammatory effect, anticancer effect, lowering of cholesterol and blood sugar etc. Fucoidan due to the difficulty of processing extraction and the scarcity of extraction amount, is limited to produce the high pure raw materials only by extremely a few enterprises worldwide and the price is estimated over one million KRW per kg. ● Fucoidan extracted from natural materials is a natural material product with no side effects and no tolerance for antivirus agents. 1. 「The material inhibiting influenza virus activation found」 published by Brown Algae department, SAGA University in Japan, 2003 2.  「Brown seaweed ear fucoidan inhibits the influenza virus inflammation」 published by Riken Vitamin Co., Ltd. in Japan, 2004 3.  A paper published by the department of Pharmacy, Toyama University in Japan, 2007 4.  The Study for the efficiency of antivirus agent Tamiflu and Fucoidan, reported in the 15th European Carbohydrate Symposium held in July 2009 ● Steady taking allows the continuous improvement of immune system and prevention of diseases occurring by a stress. ● Enzyme works to eliminate oxygen free radical, gets the antioxidant effects. ● Zinc oxide, Vitamin B1, Vitamin D3 ingredients allow the prevention of flu, bad cold and the improvement of immune system. Features Oseltamivir(Product name: Tamiflu) has no immune function for virus but effective for antivirus after inflamed. As a result of study, the antivirus effect of Fucoidan is less than Tamiflu but it forms the antibody to strength the immune system, which provides the prevention effect and antivirus effect at the same time and it is found that after inflamed, if taking the fucoidan with Tamiflu together, the effect will increase. (Reported in 15th European Carbohydrate Symposium in 2009) Natural F Plus consisted of Fucoidan, zinc oxide and Vitamin complex, keeps the immunity normally and defends effectively the virus invading from outside, and expects to be very effective if used together with antivirus agents after inflamed. Packing - 500mg ◊ 180 Tablet(90g) How to use Ė 3 times a day, 2 tablets one time with water - Price - FOB USD 17.8 with minimum order quantity 1,000 boxes Consumer price in Korea \99,000 won Please let me know if you have further question. We wish this business lead reaches win-win business in the future. Thank you very much. Best regards, Sungil kim.
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