Protecr Technical Products Inc.
I am a bike mechanic from Canada -Toronto,I run a sucsessful business at home re. bikes, I would like to buy some of your products,Please send me a cataloge on your products related to Bikes -Bike trainers ect Thanks ARBY... 2010-11-22 16:40:54
I'm an Italian company and I want to buy from you. Please contact me... 2010-11-22 15:54:11
Attalus SA
Dear Sirs I Would like to inquire about your thermal lamination products - Glossy + math. can you please send me the specs of your products. Thank you . abubakar H.benomar Tripoli - Libya +218 91 321 0123 Dar Attalib solutions.... 2010-11-22 15:06:16
Solid Impex Trading
please quote the following 20nos.45046-19175 tie rod end 20nos.43330-19095 ball joint 20nos.45503-29365 rack end 20nos.48820-20010 linkage 50nos.48655-20050 bushing 10nos. TO-014 C.V.JOINT AE100 23TEETH 20NOS.D2023 DISC PAD 10NOS.38BWD12CA BEARING PLEASE REPLY SOON THANKS GOUNDER... 2010-11-22 14:26:37
Lepi China Ltd.
Need to purchase jewelry boxes - have worked with lepi china before through propack. They no longer exist in new york city. I need new contact information in NYC... 2010-11-22 13:55:32
Qingdao Yinyuan Toys Co., Ltd.
Dear Mr Tonny Zhang, My name is Tony and I work at Hug me in Sweden. In the beginning of this year I bought some items from your company but through Lucy. When I recived the delivery a few of the items was very bad. Lucy promissed the she would produce new one and send to me. Everything was ok but I should have recived the new product several month ago. Lucy promissed me several times that she was planing to send the goods but a few month ago she stopped answering my email. I am so very angry and hope that... 2010-11-22 13:48:41
Tree of Life Essential Oil
Dear Sir/Madan; We are working on Veterinary sector. We are manufacturing honeybees pharmaceutical products. We want to buy firstly one kg Western red cedarwood oil for batch examine then buy 20 kgs. Thujic acid and hinokitiol ratio is very important to for us. Can you send us any specification and prices. BioHAYAT has been endeavors since 2001 in Turkish market. We have good network in the market. We have being launched new conception to classical chemical companies supplier partnership understand... 2010-11-22 13:42:35
Yichun Feilong Rock Bit Manufature Co.,Ltd
please send your email to send my inquiry for rockj bits 171/2 and 121/4 and 97/8 and 95/8 and 15 tci and mill tooth... 2010-11-22 13:35:16
National Floral Exchange, Inc.
Hola buenos dias le saluda Carlos, Mi interés en escribirle es por el motivo que voy a tener flor para este próximo Valentín 2011 y me gustaría saber si a usted le interesa algo de mi producto, ya que empiezo a buscar compradores o clientes que deseen flores ya que estoy hecho cargo de 4 cultivos de Ecuador y Colombia y necesito tener clientes fijos para esa temporada y estaré vendiendo a un buen precio Nuestras flores son las siguientes: Rosas Lilies Claveles Florimar 9 de Mayo y Vargas No-87 Entr... 2010-11-22 12:13:28
PDI Trading Co., Ltd.
Hello l have a Thaishop in sweden and l see ours products and was good. l want too buy vegetables and other things like thaifood and drinks like redbull and books and many more things, but is very important its coming every monday too sweden same like when we buy from a man here in sweden but now we want too start import self l come from sweden but my wife she come from THAILAND.We have many more shops and they want too buy from ous and some resturangs.We want too now the price and what you can send too ous... 2010-11-22 11:43:06
I now live on the Big Island and have one of your dolls purchased at least 10 years ago. Are you still located here? Do you have a web site? Are you still in business? Anxiously awaiting your reply. Mahalo, Ray... 2010-11-22 11:10:50
Jainil Timber & Hardware Ltd.
Hi Could you send me actul pictures of your home kits and the relevant prices for the different options available. Thank you... 2010-11-22 11:05:40
Franco & Franco - Lawyers
My name is Tryfon Asimakopoulos and i am working for EFG Private bank in London. I am trying to contact your office regarding the company Unica Investments and some outstanding invoice to your company. Please kindly inform me of a valid telephone number or e-mail address that I can use for further investigation. Thank you in advance, Tryfon Asimakopoulos CRO Assistant, Private Banking EFG Private Bank Limited Leconfield House Curzon Street London W1J 5JB Tel: +44(0)20 7173 8037 Fax: +44(0... 2010-11-22 09:35:25
Ecm Creatik, S. A.
We request you to remove our data and our web site *** from your database. We have never request you to post any information about us here. In case you do not act inmediatelly or I do not have any answer from you in the next 24 hours, we will take additional research with police bureau in Denmark about you and absolutely make total track on your operations.... 2010-11-22 08:45:53
Silver Star Foods
hi, AM I able to purchase for Home use your products? I live in Rockville, Maryland ( from Brooklyn NY) and can't seem to find your great products.... 2010-11-22 08:06:18
Sweet Corn Company
Dear Sir, My name is Arianna Arleo, I'm the support for foreign commercial area for DAVfood company ( We are an intermediation company, so it means that we cooperate with a lot of companies in various fields, as you can see from our website, so in the field of finished and semi-finished products and raw material. We have many reference offices, in different parts of Italy, and in Australia, Poland and Brasil. Our company is organised in a three-level structure: - Direct selling as c... 2010-11-22 07:35:40
PNR Trading Ltd
I have broken my vogue glasses model vo3384.596 at the nose bridge. I am hoping to find the same again to take the varifocal lens's Can you help. I left a voicemail message telephone number... 2010-11-22 07:28:29
Fabricot Int.
Good Evening, Cotton 96% elastic 4% can you send me price of this fabric? Osprey Adeel SL... 2010-11-22 07:26:30
Blue Star(Tianjin)international Trading Company
Hi, what's the price on sodium benzoate, food grade. We need granule as well as powder. We want to order 1FCL, on Cif terms ( Ukraine). Pls send your price tomy e-mail: ***... 2010-11-22 06:46:14
Mahmood International Limited DBA African Mystiques
Looking to trace Amir Dehdar in relation to supplies of African Blackwood instrument sets... 2010-11-22 06:41:33
J. B. C. Food Corporation
Trade Allianz Fzc
Can you please quote for the supply of : PICKUP GRADUATED, 1418MM STEM, STALNLESS STEEL FOR USE WITH PS 5703 HEAD. MFG BY: EMO FLOWMETERERS LTD, UK.... 2010-11-22 05:58:38
ZM Traders Pvt Ltd
Dear Madam / Sir Greetings from Kuwait! Hope this mail finds you in the best of health and cheer. We are currently pursuing a tender for scientific, laboratory and medical instruments. We reviewed instruments’ specifications and noticed the required products have their manufacturer represented by a local company in Kuwait. However, the client will consider our offer if our products' technical specifications match and prices are competitive. We request you to kindly review the specifications and provide y... 2010-11-22 05:57:49
Top Ten Trading Group Co., Ltd.
22 พ.ย.2553 สวัสดีครับ บริษัทในประเทศญี่ปุ่นต้องการหาโรงงานผลิตกระเป๋าถือสตรี (ทำด$... 2010-11-22 04:33:12
Donetworks Co, Ltd
Kindly tell me your email, then I can send detailed inquiry to you.... 2010-11-22 04:26:11
Qingdao Yilie International Trade Co., Ltd.
Dear mr Eddie Gao, 2 years ago we bought Christmas glass ornaments from you. We are interested in getting quotation from you. Please contact me on *** Best regards, Prezious Home Lone Bonde... 2010-11-22 04:04:38
ShinDongBang Corporation
Dear Sir, This is Hossein Azimi from DARIC Co, Tehran., Iran. First let me introduce our company as a trading and producing company. Our company activity divided to 3 fields as below: 1- Raw Materials, 2- Know How in Advanced Materials Production, 3- Production Lines Design and Start Up. Please be kind let us know your export offer price and delivery time for Epoxidized Soybean Oil with following characteristics. * Quantity: 15 metric ton We ar... 2010-11-22 03:56:15
ShinDongBang Corporation
Dear Sir, This is Hossein Azimi from DARIC Co, Tehran., Iran. First let me introduce our company as a trading and producing company. Our company activity divided to 3 fields as below: 1- Raw Materials, 2- Know How in Advanced Materials Production, 3- Production Lines Design and Start Up. Please be kind let us know your export offer price and delivery time for Calcium Hypochlorite Powder with following characteristics. * Purity: 65 and 70% * Quantity:... 2010-11-22 03:54:05
Royal Trade Group
Mr Mohammadreza Yaghmour ba salam va ehteram be estehzar miresanad moteasefane be dalile moshkelate fani ersale mavarede darkhasti be tavigh oftadeh ke az mahzare shoma pozesh mitalabim. peygiri lazem be darkhaste jenabeali mabzol migardad. ba sepas faezi... 2010-11-22 03:31:58
RAD Import & Export
I would like to setup a legal diamond export trade from the DRC but find the process challenging after DRC removal from Kimberley Process. Assuming that you are still doing business in DRC, I would to establish a relationship with you on the licencing process and possible trading arrangements. My immediate request is clarity on the licencing process and contacts for this process. Secondary point is the destination of DRC diamonds.... 2010-11-22 03:22:22
E-Hub Metals Pte Ltd
November 22, 2010 Dear Sir We are pleased to submit you an important regular inquiry for one of our customer asf: Product : Aluminum Extrusion Scrap Qty : 1 fcl Payment : L/C at sight Shipment : Preferable Prompt / Upon your availability Shipment : either from U.A.E /Singapore / Muscat or available port. Price : USD /mt cnf cd 10/mt Karachi Inspection : Cus... 2010-11-22 02:55:38
Hebei Xinrong Rubber Products Co., Ltd
123456... 2010-11-22 01:27:41
Euro-Beer S. L.
I have a restaurant in Sotogrande and would like to know about the types of foods and drinks that you supply please... 2010-11-22 01:22:03
Changchun Dihao Foodstuff Development Co., Ltd.
We would like to inquire regarding the price of your maltodextrin DE value 10-12 in 25kgs per bag to manila Philippines. Our company OV Ventures Corp. is engage in importing different food ingredients.We have clients who are looking for maltodextrin.Please give us your best quotation and details. Thank you.... 2010-11-22 01:13:45
Ocean Nailpolish
Hi, I am looking a purchasing some of your products, in particular your white tip nail poish used for french polish. I would be interested in your other colours also. I am just starting out with manicure & pedicures so would only be looking for a small number of polishes. If you can let me know if this is possible I would appreciate it. many thanks... 2010-11-22 01:01:56
Sabari Group of Companies
Requirements metal scrab threaded hms turning /kindly send your price and terms and conditions Regrds s,srikumaran***... 2010-11-22 00:06:18
Dear sir, We are usb flash driver manufactory,pls visit *** 4GB usb flash driver unit price is usd$5.3,pls check it. Looking forward to hear from you soon! ada thanks and best regards!... 2010-11-21 23:43:19
Rotto Fresh Trader's International Corp.
To whom it concern I Send this mail from sard salamt Co. in Esfahan, Iran I can introduce our company as importer of Varity fruits. Kindly send the information about your banana, class A, 4,5,6 HANDS . I need to know the following information : 1. kind of package ( box ) 2. net weight and grose weight 3. cnf abbas I am looking forward to your favorite reply! If have question feel free to contact me Best regard matin Tel: +98*** Telf... 2010-11-21 23:36:05

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