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Dear Sir or Madame. We are SWEDISH FALL – a German company that sells cheerleading sportswear and equipment. You are welcome to visit our website https://***/ or contact us via this mail address for more information. We got great success and positive response from our customers during the last years. Now we want to expand our portfolio with cheerleading sports shoes. This is why we sent you this e-mail. We are currently looking for cheerleading sports shoe suppliers from all over the world. Within our internet research we found your company. The idea is to start with a small quantity and see how the market reacts to the new product. In the future we will order more when we see positive reactions from our customers. We are also interested in product improvements together with your company, if necessary. We are looking for a special cheerleading shoe with following characteristics: - a light and flexible sports shoe especially for cheerleading - the shoe should have a strengthened shaft up to the ankle - the outer sole should have a recess to put on fingers for safe stunts - the outer sole should also have a strengthened midfoot area and a good adhesion - the outer sole should also be thin - the shoe should have good cushioning systems - the shoe should have lockable laces and changeable inlays We would be very happy if you could answer our following questions. This helps us to find out if we both can be fair partners in the future. Unfortunately we are under some time pressure. We hope to hear from you within the next days. Thank you very much in advance – we appreciate your help! Your company 1. What is the address of your production place? 2. How many company workers do you have? 3. How long have you already been producing shoes? 4. What else do you produce? What is your portfolio? 5. Do you have any certificates? (For example ISO) 6. Can you give us any customer references? How many other customers do you have? 7. Can you tell us, what was your revenue last year? 8. What makes your company special for us? 9. Who is our contact in the future if we have more questions or orders? Your cheerleading sports shoes 10. Which materials do you use for the shoes? 11. Please give us an information about your production process (step 1 …, step 2 …, step 3 …) 12. Do you mainly produce with hands or machines? 13. Do you have an R & D department (Research and Development)? Are you generally interested in any improvement ideas? 14. Do you also produce protection bags/cases for the shoes as (could you please send a picture)? If yes, what is the price for one bag? Terms & Conditions 15. What is the minimum quantity? Is this quantity amount for only one shoe size or can it be different sizes? 16. What is the price per shoe when we order the minimum quantity? 17. Can we also start with a small quantity of 50 pairs for market testing? If yes, what would be the price per shoe? 18. Would you send us a prototype of the shoe? If not, can we please get some pictures of the shoe? 19. Are you able to put on our company logo? How much will it cost? (You can find our logo in the signature) 20. Do you charge any one-time charges? (e.g. for the whole set-up or the prototype) 21. What are your terms of payment? (How can we pay? When do we have to pay?) 22. Are there any discounts on the price? 23. Do you offer any guarantees? For example when we are not happy with the quality – are we allowed to send the shoes back to you within a few days and get our money back? Logistics and Delivery 24. How many days do you need for producing the minimum quantity? 25. Can you send the shoes to Germany (postal code 90402 Nürnberg GER)? How much do you charge for the delivery to Germany? How manydays will it take? If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us! And again: Thank you very much! Especially for the option of a prototype (see our signature for the postal address). We are looking forward working together with you. Best regards from Germany. SWEDISH FALL GmbH p.p. Alexandra Schulstraße 12 25335 Elmshorn Germany
as seen on tv distribution centre ltd.
Dear, My name is Antonis Vakondios and I am Sales Director of Tiledora S.A. Telemarketing company. Our company base on Greece and Cyprus and we are selling products using TV as a advertisement method and call centers to receive the orders of the customers (Telesales and Telemarketing). We are looking to be a distributor of your products in Greece and Cyprus and make business with you, providing to us, commercial TV SPOTS which they are advertising your products. I would prefer, to inform us about the... 2009-12-03 02:05:37
Boro Ecofruct
i am interested in your mushroom,could you give me their more detail ? waitting for your response... 2009-12-03 01:05:23
Sundries Bargains(Nairobi) Limited
i am interested to purchase generators. please call me on 020 555557 /*** Adil... 2009-12-02 23:42:03
Dear Sir Hello! We know your company from internet,We are one of chinese trading company,now we have demand to buy manganese ore and chrome ore,P and S less than 0.1%,Mn or Cr above 35%,if you can supply,please contact me. Kind regards ------------------------------ Ms Sophia Co: Fortune Best Corporation Ltd ***0-818 ***9 ***68 Website: *** Mail: *** ***: ***... 2009-12-02 22:58:26
Sai Vision International Fzc
Dear Mithesh, It been long time we have no communication. Please can you send us your e-mail so that we can forward our RFQ to Looking forward to your reply Regards Satish Gaur... 2009-12-02 22:10:22
JNB Corporation
Dear Sir, We need to import AD aluminiom powder to china for making steel deoxidizer. the details: A.D aluminium powder 20, 30 Al:>=20; >=30 Al2O3>=50; 40 SiO2<=6; <=6 S<=0.5; <=0.5 80-120 mesh Can you provide the products or similar products? could you please provide your A.D.aluminium powder20 and 30 detailes information?content and price and packing.e... 2009-12-02 19:39:55
hello ,, Actually I am wondering if i can find your apparel in London ,, im looking forward for your help urgently. my best wishes,,... 2009-12-02 16:38:27
Have you found a printer for your designs? I am interested in being a manufacturers' rep for scrapbook supply lines. If you are up an running I would love to see what you have to offer.... 2009-12-02 16:10:15
Nftz Grand Industries Co., Ltd
Hi, I have a quote from Will Wang for 30,000 barrel nuts. Please confirm that this person is part of your company. thanks, Ana Jones ***... 2009-12-02 15:26:36
Advanta Associates Ltd
Dear Sirs, we are an internet based company dedicated to sell contact lenses online. We are looking for suppliers for the following brands: J&J, Cibavision, Bausch&Lomb and Coopervision. We are interested to get your prices and order quantities for these brands. Please send us when possible your lenses list and prices. Best Regards, John William. Globis Lda.... 2009-12-02 11:57:41
Opticare Ltd
Dear Sirs, we are an internet based company dedicated to sell contact lenses online. We are looking for suppliers for the following brands: J&J, Cibavision, Bausch&Lomb and Coopervision. We are interested to get your prices and order quantities for these brands. Please send us when possible your lenses list and prices. Best Regards. John William. Globis Lda.... 2009-12-02 11:55:41
All That's Natural, Inc.
I would like to register a serious complaint against your company! I would like to be contacted please.... 2009-12-02 10:52:46

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