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Dear Sirs: We developed the items of health care food for human and some for pet, it is mushroom beta glucan. The follows is a story from customer of USA, please reading it , then you will find a very special result. **************************************************** Shawnee loves Her Beta!! Without it, she would be gone a while back and now her blood level is better than over a year ago at 19 years old! Here's a photo our Japanese friend took while she was here last week. which when zoomed up to 100% is very clear. Thank you and prof Chen from the bottom of our collective hearts! She's our little miracle, thanks to you both. Above letter sent from Annie,Bernie Crystal, mousie Shawnee From Ohio, USA. Mushroom Beta Glucan testimonial for Cat. ***************************************** At 19 years old, my female cat Shawnee began to sleep under a table on a chair in a dark corner, coming out only to cat and use her little box. She was diagnosed with Kidney Failure. I was told to make a decision if I wanted to keep her alive and comfortable or begin considering putting her down. In distress, I remembered Professor S.N.Chen's mushroom Beta Glucan helped many with stage 4 Kidney cancer and decided to use it. I began forcefeeding it to her by spoon every morning for a week. She would struggle some to avoid the experience. I found after only one week she held still welcoming it. The next day I put it in warm water and set it on the floor to see if she'd drink it on her own. Up to then, I'd tell her it was "Beta time." That morning I mentioned the word Beta and she awoke from a deep sleep and came running to kichen and sat up for it. This is an elderly cat who never sat up in her life! She drank it straight down and looked under the bowl sides to see if a drop escaped which she could lap up. From then on, I'd sing "Shawnee the Bata girl"... and she's come running. sit up and paw at my leg until I set her "hot beta tea" on the floor. She craved ut. I bought her a tiny soy sauce bowl as I found a plate spread it out too much for her to cope with. It became Shawnee's own Beta tea cup. A short time later, I was giving her fewer and fewer Sub-Q fluids under her skin as she didn't seem to need the 3-4 prescribed per week any longer. Now I'm only giving her one or two per week. Prior to Beta, she seemed desperate as if she were dying of thirst and would claw at all our drinks wanting to have anything to make her feel better. That desperate fell by the wayside. Last month she had her first fever so I rushed her to the vet. They kept her and sent me home to get her fever down, wanting to keep her for at least 3-4 days. The next morning I called to see how she was doing. I was told to come in as soon as possible. I cried all the way there thinking this may be the day I have to put my best friend to sleep. The vet announced the fever was common as her age; it was now gone, and since she was on the mend so qucikly ( and unexpectedly) I could take her home. Her nest comment floored me. She said, " Annie, Shawnee is doing so well I wanted to tell you, I don't know how, but her blood-work is better than when she was disgnosed over a year ago. We expected she'd go downhill, but instead she is actually better!" Beta was doing the trick. Then the vet found an alarmingly large tumor in my 17 year old male cat, Mousie. It was imbedded in or around his heart. She shown me the x-ray and how it rivaled the size of his heart. We agreed to keep him comfortable because to operate would be too risky due to the tumor's location. I remembered the Mushroom Beta Glucan shrinks tumors so I began mixing beta every morning into a little food and he comes running for "Beta." He's doing well 15 monthslater, still hunting and so forth, so the tumor must be shrinking. I intend to continue the Beta and have another x-ray done again to see how much the tumor has become smaller. He is not slowing down as expected. If anything, he is more active with vital energy than before. Mousie has Kidney Failure as well, disgnosed after Shawnee. In addition, he has Hyperthyroidism. It seems everything he has ( a triple disgnosis) is being successfully treated with the Mushroom Beta Glucan. I am beyond greatful I can give my beloved pets what most have yet to enjoy, and that would be a second chance at life. We are blessed having been at the right place at the right time to discover this magnificent Mushroom Beta Glucan. How does one say "thank you" for such a gift? Words cannot express that level of gratitude. (Annei Greenwood, Ohio, U.S.A.) If you are interested in the "Mushroom Beta Glucan" --" Hipet " for your pet market, please don't hesitate to contact us soon, thanks. regards, Pierre Chen E.mail:***
TONHI 3 phase moter
please contact me back ***.th... 2015-04-24 20:24:40
How can I buy 4 of these?... 2015-04-24 18:09:56
Meridian or MedanoII Mohawk Industries Portico P2099A Taupe
I'm wishing to find 10 pcs or 2 boxes of this tile. It was produced for Mohawk a few years back. Do you have any of this product still? Or do you make it under another name now for someone else? Please let me know either way. Thank You. Gary French... 2015-04-24 11:51:34
jance griffins wood
i feel responsible for jance buying wood from you.he must have it delivered by april 29. jim griffin... 2015-04-24 07:46:47
Watches Straps
Hello, I wonder if you actually manufacture some bracelets for watches. If the answer is yes, is it possible to have a catalog please ? I'm creating my own watch brand and I'm looking for a quality supplier for straps. Thank you. Fabien DREUIL... 2015-04-24 05:34:17
Toilet Tissue
Good afternoon. Our company is Wheels & Bytes, CT. Supplier to Western Cape Govt. Do you supply Interleaf/interfold toilet tissue 110 x 210mm 20 x 500 sheets per case.Virgin paper SABS.... 2015-04-24 04:25:59
velvet textile
I am looking tolmport one container of valvet to Dubai 58inch wedth 25meter or yard length , how many meter the container of 20 foot ill carry,and what is the price for that, how i can see the sample?... 2015-04-24 03:59:03
New request for Airis company
Dear All We are interested in your product - grosgain ribbon - Please provide MOQ and price level Pls advise if you sell satin ribbon too pls reply on my email *** to Alexandra Thank you... 2015-04-24 01:15:43
Business Opportunity with Woolworths Limited
Hi Tina, This is Josephine from Woolworths Global sourcing HK Ltd, we are looking for supplier who is strong in kidswear apparel to our stores in Australia. Can you email me your company profile and email address tel contact for further communication. My business contact below for yr ref.thanks Best Regards, Josephine Kwok Senior Merchandiser Apparel - Kidswear Woolworths Global Sourcing Limited Tel: (852) 3604 1280 Fax (852) 3604 1100 Email: *** Website: w... 2015-04-24 01:02:39
Desassembled wall clocks and alarm clocks
Dear Sir or Madam, My name is Ryhor, I'm a representative of OJSC Minsk Watch Plant. Could you sell us dissassembled wall clocks and alarm clocks? We would like to purchase several thousands of clocks. I am looking forward to our future cooperation. Thank you and best regards, Ryhor Salauyou... 2015-04-24 00:41:37
ralph lauren polo
Hi, my name is Badik from Malaysia. I'm interested to buy polo ralph lauren. pls quote to me by sending msg to +*** or email to ***. Hope to hear from u. Tq :)... 2015-04-24 00:17:13
interested buyer
Dear Sir My Name is Mr. Nana and am interested to do business with you. i will like to buy in large quantity Fruit, Nuts & Kernels, Snacks, please reply me on ***... 2015-04-23 08:21:10

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